Nigeria Coalition for EcoSocial Health Research (NCEHR) Newsletter

It’s with great excitement that we bring to you, the 2021 third quarter of our newsletter of the Nigeria Coalition for EcoSocial Health Research (NCEHR). We have entered the popular months known as the ‘Ember months’ in Nigeria. In this changing and challenging time of insecurity and uncertainty, NCEHR as a community-based, inter-university, and inter-disciplinary group of collaborating researchers from the community and the academia continue to partner and liaise to mutually produce knowledge for Ecosocial justice.
Recently, it was reported that China was awarded a malaria-free certification from the World Health Organization following a 70-year effort. It’s interesting to know that this notable feat was achieved by a country that once reported 30 million cases of malaria annually in the 1940s. This report may act as an eye opener, while stimulating and encouraging researchers that the control, management and subsequent elimination of Ecosocial challenges that influence health is not only possible but achievable.
In the second quarter, you were informed about the webinar series proposal. We are now glad to update you that we continue to put up your suggested modalities in place to finalize our NCEHR webinar series by next year, which will be done every quarter. Please do not stop in your suggestions as we appreciate every input(s).
After much engagement and interaction with the Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research (CCGHR), we are excited that NCEHR is now part of the Nigeria-Canada Research Partnership as the country partnership’s new collaboration initiative of the Canadian Association of Global Health (CAGH). The CAGH merged the Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research (CCGHR) and the Canadian Society for International Health (CSIH). You can get more update from here. NCEHR and the Nigeria Working Group (NWG) of Canada are relatively new addition to the Country’s Partnership program of CAGH. You can read the latest newsletter from here. This will go a long way to push the vision of NCEHR forward.
Although as an inquiry group in Nigeria, sub-Saharan Africa, we grapple with challenges, such as capacity, and funding, we continue to hope amid prevailing challenges and look forward to a great light shining out of this tunnel. We also use this opportunity to thank our donors and funders who have individually set themselves apart in this vision. We are grateful for your help and your donations are going a long way to contribute to a positive change in the community, state, nation, and the world.

Continue to stay safe,

Ngozi Joe-Ikechebelu and George Eleje