As twisted and as illogical or antithetical as it may seem… I dare suggest that the mockery of a lockdown in different parts of Nigeria should cease forthwith. Lockdown as

Food Security and Climate Change

With the ever-increasing unpredictable trend of global climate, the need to mitigate and adapt for the long-term ability to feed the world’s population, has become a priority in achieving some

Research Activities on Covid-19

Introduction The Corona virus has become an unprecedented attack on the totality of the health of human which includes spirit, soul and body. The disease, COVID-19 has continued to spread


HIGHLIGHTS   This is the 29th national situation report, following confirmation of the first case of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Nigeria on 27th February 2020. The data in this report

Climate Change And Business In Nigeria

Abstract: Businesses are activities that people engage in to produce and sell goods and services for profit. The quality of business activities in a country is affected by divergent factors;both
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